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Why Choose Fulcrum

Fulcrum is a nonprofit organization whose top priority is providing its customers with products and services that improve the health of their members. Over 30 years ago, Fulcrum developed its legacy product ChiroCare, one of the largest independent network of chiropractors. Fulcrum also offers AcuNet, a credentialed network of licensed acupuncturists that is rapidly expanding.

Pursuit of the Triple Aim

Our network providers are committed to improving the health of the population, the patient experience, and the affordability of care. They submit to a rigorous credentialing process, participate in continuing education to support practice management and best-practice care, undergo regular audits, and receive practice-specific quarterly report cards so they can correct small issues before they become big ones.


Fulcrum participates in a number of initiatives designed to discover more effective and clinically-proven care and collaboration with the entire patient care team. For example:

Centers of Excellence: We are proud of our exclusive Centers of Excellence (CCoE) program, recognizing distinct clinics that use standardized clinical protocols and an integrated, collaborative approach in achieving positive outcomes and improved quality of life for patients.

Publications and Research: We champion research focused on delivering high quality, patient-centered, value-based care. Currently, we are studying the effectiveness of conservative care and how we can better participate in and promote integrative care that, in theory, should reduce costs while improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

To Learn More

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to demonstrate how we can lend our expertise in managing your physical medicine network, so you can focus on other key areas of health plan management.

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